Editorial board

  1. The team of thematic and scientific editors consists of four researchers:

    Managing editor - Anna Bogumiła Kowalska
    Editorial secretary - Bartłomiej Rogalski
    Editorial staff - Dorota Kozłowska, Krzysztof Kowalski, Rafał Makała

    Anna B. Kowalska PhD, archaeologist, curator at the National Museum in Szczecin (Department of Archaeology), and Assistant at the Centre for Medieval Archaeology of Baltic States in the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Szczecin. She is the author of more than 100 scientific publications in Polish, English, German and Russian, including four books. She deals with the history and culture of West Pomeranian centres in the Middle Ages. In the circle of her research interests particularly important are subjects concerning the development of leather crafts and culture of everyday life. She is also the co-author of reports on long-term excavations in Szczecin.

    Krzysztof Kowalski MA, archaeologist and museologist, curator, Head of the Department of Archaeology at the National Museum in Szczecin. His research interests focus mainly on the Younger Stone Age and the history of research and archaeological collections in Pomerania. He is an author, co-author and editor of numerous publications in Polish, English and German as well as the curator of several exhibitions. In recognition of his contributions to the development of the region, he has been awarded the silver West Pomeranian Griffin Badge of Honour.

    Dorota Kozłowska MA, archaeologist, curator, in the Department of Archaeology of the National Museum in Szczecin since 1990. Curator of the Bronze Age and Early Iron Age collections. Co-author of the book ‘Flint daggers in West Pomerania’, author of a number of scientific articles as well as results of both her own and teamwork excavations (open sites: prehistoric and early medieval as well as urban ones). In recent years, her research interest has been focused particularly on the subject of the end of the Neolithic and the beginning of the Bronze Age in West Pomerania.

    Bartłomiej Rogalski PhD, archaeologist, Assistant at the National Museum in Szczecin (Department of Archaeology). He deals with the younger Pre-Roman period, the Roman period and the Migration period (author of numerous excavation reports on sites of this chronology). He is the author of scientific publications in Polish and German. He has also participated in international research projects (amongst others Frühe Slawen im Odermundungsgebiet and Migration Period between the Oder and Vistula). He is the winner of the Ryszard Wołągiewicz Award and a Römisch-Germanische Kommission DAI research fellow.

  2. All articles published in Polish are verified by an expert in the field of Polish philology.
  3. All articles published in foreign languages are proof read by a given language specialist (native speaker).
  4. Editorial Office: Publishing Department of the National Museum in Szczecin.