Materiały Zachodniopomorskie

Annual science journal of National Museum in Szczecin

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Zapraszamy do nadsyłania artykułów do tomu XVI Materiałów Zachodniopomorskich, a w szczególności do działów: Odkrycia, Recenzje i Omówienia oraz Kronika.

Meeting with jubilarians

On Saturday, April 8, in the National Museum in Szczecin, members of our editorial office met with honourable jubilarians: dr Eugeniusz Cnotliwy, an archaeologist, and prof. Jerzy Gawlikowski, an (archaeo)zoologist, who were given best wishes for their birthdays (85th and 90th, respectively) together with dedicated to them copies of Materiały Zachodniopomorskie.

MZP in databases

Materiały Zachodniopomorskie is listed in the following databases:

Special edition of Materiały Zachodniopomorskie

In March 2014, it was with great sadness that we learned of the death of Professor Władysław Filipowiak, an outstanding academic, researcher of the early Middle Ages and the Baltic Slavdom, West Africa, museologist, director of the National Museum in Szczecin, founder and editor of Rocznik Naukowy. On the 60th anniversary of establishing Materiały Zachodniopomorskie, we would like to pay tribute to the professor and dedicate to him next volume of the journal.

MZP tom XV

Dobiegają końca prace nad tegorocznym tomem, który jest poświęcony profesor Ewie Rzetelskiej-Feleszko. Autorom serdecznie dziękujemy za przesłane artykuły.

ICI Journals Master List 2017

Materiały Zachodniopomorskie has been indexed in ICI Journals Master List 2017. The experts calculated  journal’s Index Copernicus Value (ICV) for 2017: ICV 2017 = 63.43.

MZP is longer no published in the form of a book

From vol. XII Materiały Zachodniopomorskie is published only in the form of a volume.

Points for publication

On December 23, 2015, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education announced a new list of ranked scientific journals. Materiały Zachodniopomorskie is included in part B of the list of journals without impact factors.Eight points can be obtained for publication in our journal.

ICI Journals Master List 2018

Eksperci Index Copernicus wyznaczyli wartość wskaźnika Index Copernicus Value (ICV) za rok 2018 Materiałów Zachodniopomorskich, który wynosi: ICV 2018 = 64.06.

MZP vol. XIV

We are currently working on volume XIV which is dedicated to Professor Jerzy Gawlikowski on the anniversary of his birth.Articles can be submitted by the end of March 2018.