1. Reviewing procedure concern all articles in the Studies and Materials section
  2. Articles are reviewed with a policy of a double-blind review process by two independent reviewers recruited outside the research unit of given publication's author
  3. In case of a foreign language publication, one of reviewers is affiliated to a foreign institution from a country other than the country of the author's origin
  4. Reviews are in written form. It includes an assessment of individual elements of the article and a clear reviewer's assessment approving or rejecting the article without/or with amendments
  5. The article assessment criteria are in the review form available online (doc, xls, pdf).
  6. The Editorial Board decides to accept or reject an article based on the reviewers' assessments included in the review form
  7. The Editorial Board reserves the right to return an article to author/authors in order to make amendments
  8. Surnames of the reviewers remain anonymous until the publication of the volume (on an annual basis)